Process Consultants and Equipment Suppliers

Our management and associates have over 75 years of experience with the most well known developer of patented polymer nets, mesh, and grids in all aspects of the International Markets by export, licensing and local joint ventures

Die Heads

Reciprocating Die Heads

Counter Rotating Die Heads: for Diamond Nets and Meshes, sheet and tubular form and pipes.

Oscillating Die Heads: for diamond meshes with selvedges on each side as well as pipes.

One Way Rotating Die Heads: or Square Meshes, Cast and Biaxially Orientated.

Mission Statement

To utilise our combined extensive experience and expertise in the international manufacture and marketing of integrally extruded polymer nets and meshes by providing consultancy advice in technical aspects of the two main processes, the counter rotating die (Netlon) process and the reciprocating die (Rical) process.

To offer specifications for machinery required to accommodate the die heads and dies to produce products to the required specifications or when required, to offer prices terms and conditions for supervision of supply, installation and commissioning of such equipment.

To offer a service to supply spare and replacement parts, bearings, lubrication oils and greases etc

To supply extrusion die heads and dies, manufactured from high quality raw materials and high precision machining, appropriate heat treatments and high quality workmanship for use with existing or new polymer extrusion lines to improve productivity, consistency and quality aimed at reducing costs and improving margins for existing and new net and mesh producers.

To give satisfaction to all our clients, existing and new.